Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Classroom theme

Staying up to date on a blog is a lot harder then I thought. I'd get online and look at everyone's blogs and then lose track of time. OOPS! This upcoming school year I really want to work on updating my blog and making it more public. Any advice would be wonderful since I am totally new at this.

I have a hard time with themes. I start off the year with all the ideas of having a theme and pulling everything together but by October my theme usually dies out. This year I have decided instead of a set theme I'll stick with a specific color theme and not worry about being cutsie with everything else.

My color theme is: pink, green and browns. I have been moved to a relocatable classroom (also known as a portable) which is very old, yucky and has tiny windows. Thus I decided against using blacks and have chosen colors that are bright and will add to light not take it away.

I previously bought pink and green book bins from reallygoodstuff.com and decided that I love those colors and would love to use them throughout my classroom.

The other thing that I love and will probably have throughout my room is owls. I personally love owls, birds, birdcages, twigs etc. and I will probably be doing a lot with owls throughout but I don't want to commit myself to an "owl theme" just yet. I don't know as I'm writing this I'm rethinking my idea. Maybe it would be fun to do a whole theme with owls and not just colors. I don't know. Any advice? How are you consistent with your theme throughout the year?

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