Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Library Labels Freebie

This is my first freebie and my first time using googledocs so hopefully it turns out well for everyone. Please let me know if something isn't working, or if there is a better way to do freebies.

My classroom library has been an absolute mystery of organization. I have been blog stalking and web searching for ideas of how to organize and maintain the mess of my classroom library. Well after loads of research I complied a couple of ideas for my library.
I made genre labels for my book bins and coordinating labels for each book. This way the student librarians can put books back in the correct spots at the end of the day. I also took a lesson from Miss Clutter-Free Classroom and only put out some of my many books. That will hopefully keep the kiddos more interested in reading and less choices for browsing through their reading time. So without further ado here are my library book bin labels and my library book labels. I hope they are helpful to you. Pictures of them in use will come shortly.

PS I can't believe that school starts is less then 30 days!AHHHHHH.

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