Saturday, July 21, 2012

Class Shirts

My third grade team does a wonderful thing; we make class t-shirts to wear every Friday and anytime we leave the school. These are not only adorable but they help to build the classroom community.
As you can see these shirts are freakin' adorable, and so different every year. I plan to do this every year I teach and then make a tshirt quilt out of them. We get them from Whitney Daniels Designs. (click on her name to go to her website) and it is so easy. The students draw their face on a regular index card; first in pencil then after it gets the teacher approval they trace it in sharpie. Its a fun little lesson about how each of us is different and we have things that we like. Then you print off the order form from the website, select your color and order them. 
We have gotten so much parent support on these. Whitney's website has a parent order form all ready to print off to send home. We ask our parents to "donate"/pay for their child's shirt which is about $7. The kids love, LOVE them! We would wear them every Friday without fail. 
They are also so nice on Field Trip days because each 3rd grade class has their own shirt color so we can easily see all 4 classes lined up and its easy for the parent volunteers to keep track of their specific students. I would highly recommend making classroom shirts. 
Our Principal retired last year so we got our staff to make a t-shirt. They turned out so well I thought I'd include a picture of them as well. 
Here are my two latest shirts side by side. (Blogger was against letting me rotate the picture the correct way, so you'll have to lean your head to the side) This year I'm going to go with Stone Blue or the Daisy color. I love these shirts! 

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