Friday, July 27, 2012

First Day Jitters! (A Blog Hop)

Two linky posts in two days... I think I deserve some type of chocolate reward for that!

I am joining up with Ashley in Fierce in Fourth to share first day jitters. I was reading a lot of the other bloggers' posts and found something in common all of us are having the "First of the Year Dreams"so I thought I would share mine because I've been having some pretty awesome nightmares!
Link to the party! 

Things I am concerned about for the first day of school:
1. I am moving classrooms. My room used to be a very large room with built in storage and huge windows inside the building. Now I am moving out to the Relo's (Relocatable classrooms, portable classrooms, I've heard them called many things). There are a few perks to being outside: I control my heat and a/c, my class can be as loud as we wish, my relo is never closed and alarmed so I can visit any day any time. But this move is causing me to experience lots of silly dreams. Example: last night I dreamt that it was the first day of school. When I showed up my principal promptly told me I was late and my students were in the Relo waiting for me. Since we all know how students might take to waiting, I busted my butt to get outside to my Relo only to find that the back field of my school where my relo is located was full of relos and cabins. There were close to hundreds and I had to race through them all to find my class. I spent the whole dream running around like a chicken with their head cut off.
Another example: I get to school the first day and am informed that my relo isn't done being finished so I can't use it that day. My class gets to spend the first day of school in the copy room trying to fit and appear normal.
I love back to school dreams!

2. This year I am going for it! I am starting the Daily 5 for my reading block. All over the blog world I keep hearing about Daily 5 this and Daily 5 that so I purchased the book last December and started reading. I loved what I read and tried a few things but decided it would do better to start the system at the beginning of the school year and go from there. I am so grateful for the many bloggers and pin-ers who are helping me set it up.

3. The last thing I am nervous about is something that I always get nervous about. I am scared of the students. It's always exciting to think about the new little people who will be such a huge part of my life for the next 9 months of my life. Oh but I love them!

Those are my worries, but I am so excited to get going. Summer has been wonderful but I'm ready to get on with my school life again.

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Mrs. W


  1. I love your Jitters. I have had some pretty strange dreams that usually involve me losing my kids. And here's a little secret. This will be my 25th year, and that first few minutes when it is time to stand up in front of the kids and start the year, it is all I can do to not vomit. I get over it quickly, but there are those few moments before my nerves settle. I am now a follower and would love for you to visit my blog and check it out.

  2. I am happy to be your newest follower and I just nominated you for an award:) Come on by to pick it up! I am a newbie blogger and would love for you to become a follower and possibly join my Favorite Classroom Songs Linky Party Music in the classroom can make all the difference...
    Teaching with Z

  3. Good luck in your portable! Just think of it as an oasis! It is a nice perk to have control of the air conditioning. My last classroom had that feature, and I LOVED IT! Texas, Utah, HOT! BRING ON THE A/C!!

    Your newest follower
    Kinder Journey