Friday, March 16, 2012

First Post Ever!

I am so excited to get my blog up and going. It has taken me a long time, several days and lots of frustration but I got it!

I have found the most amazing classroom management system out there. It is called ClassDojo and it will be an app soon, right now it is still in the trial period. You can go to and set up your classroom.


I set up my own positives (on task, participation) and negatives (off task, out of seat, disrupting), each student has a cute little monster. When students are on task or off task you simply click on the monster icon and input the data. At the end of the week you get a pie chart of each students overall behavior and the whole class behavior. You can set up the program to email parents everyday, week etc.

A fun feature is the sound effects. Positives are a beautiful ding while negatives are a bit of a low "blump" sound. Sometimes I do the Dojo without the sounds so its a more accurate read of behavior but every so often when I need to get my class back on task I turn up the volume and give some lucky student a positive. The sweet ding really motivates my students. It's pure magic.

My favorite feature is I can put it on my phone and carry it throughout the school with me. In the hallways, lunch room, computer lab, and even on the playground I have direct access to my behavior system.

Go to to read more about it.

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