Monday, September 10, 2012

WOWza! My first week and a room reveal!

I have really missed blogging these last couple of weeks, but school has been kicking my bootie! I started school last Monday and have been struggling to balance my life again now that I'm not just a summer bum. But good news, my class is so cute!!! They are chatty but adorable. Anywho here is my room reveal. 

Here is the 'during' picture. I put up the black paper and just started organizing my stuff from the move. This year I moved into a Relocatable (Relo) classroom and it was more of a struggle to move then I thought, but the Relo has it's many perks. The best perk is I get to control my AC! 

 Here is my pride and joy this year. My library! I finally organized my books and labeled all my books and the bins they belong in. More to come about that. 

 Here a hideous cabinet that I redid. I simply took hot pink duct tape and black butcher paper. And as you can see it was a miraculous makeover!  

 Here is the picture I snapped right before the bell rang and the little munchkins ran in. I love the pink and green colors I used. It really brings the room together. 
 Here is my student work wall (inspired by Clutter-Free Classroom here) I love her blog and all the creative ideas she has. 
Here is the view from the back of the room. I love my pink and green banner above my whiteboard. I've seen them all over the place and decided to try my hand at it. 
 Here is an close-up of my whiteboard Planner Page. I love how bold and easy to read it is. 
Here is my library with the calendar math board. I love calendar math and I'll post another blog about it soon.

I have really missed my classroom blog and I wish I had more time to blog and teach and study for my Master's Degree. I've made a goal to blog every week this school year. Wish me luck! 

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